Either finding peace independently, or entertaining friends,  the hula hoop can provide flow for all. Through the opening of negative spaces of the spins of the hoop, opportunity is always present. These opportunities may provide a transition for new tricks or a pause of breath. 

Hula hooping became my stress relief and entertainment after I had seen a fire hula hooper in person. I had originally started out with a marching band baton, dance lessons and a bunch of sporting options. One day in 2011, my mother and I were having a mommy-daughter day and passed a bunch of hula hoops in Berkshire Massachusetts. I spotted them and requested we turn around and check it out. I ended up getting the largest hula hoop with such beautiful tape. The tape was reflective and changed colors along the perimeter like a rainbow. I also had grip tape put on at the suggestion of the sales lady. I did not know any tricks at this point except to keep it on my hips, or that there was a difference in beginner size hoops or trick hoops. Thankfully, it was a beginner size hula hoop and my attachment to this hoop caused me to gain hours on hours of practice and happiness.   

While studying at Undergraduate school, I have provided private lessons and group lessons through the Center for lifelong Education and Recreation at the State University of New York at Potsdam as well as the Potsdam's town's recreation center. While in Boulder Colorado, I have provided more private lessons in surrounding parks.  

Today,  I provide group and private lessons to all ages. I have hula hoops of all sizes from just starting to advanced. Each lesson is based on the needs and wants of the students.  While learning the new tricks, specifics of body moments and positions, along with where the negative space or opening of the hoop will be, to obtain the next move, is both discussed and shown. From throws to catches, and hips to prayer hands, the entire body will become an option to hoop with.

Contact me to help you obtain these opportunities of personal growth.